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  • MRI is sensitive for nerve roots, discs, facet joints and surrounding soft tissue structures. Sometimes other tests can miss important pathology.

    Indications for MRI of the Low Back include:

    • Back Pain that does not resolve after 6 weeks. • Persistent back pain after surgery. • Suspected spinal stenosis • Suspected nerve root involvement (ex: Sciatica) • Other tests (X-Ray or CT Scan) are inconclusive.

    MRI of the Lumbar Spine

    ( Lumbar Spine Examination on New Breed of Short-Bore MRI )

    Contrast may or may not be necessary.

    If your patient is a post-surgical diskectomy patient and presents with recurrent back pain – An MRI with contrast (gadolinium) is necessary. The Gadolinium delineates post-surgical scarring from healthy tissue. The test takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

    Results are provided by experienced radiologists with a subspeciality in neuroradiology.

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