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  • How to Book a Test

    Make sure the Requisition Form is completed and is signed by a physician. Requisition Forms Page

    How to Book a Test

    If the requested scan is for insurance coverage/disability (including section 44 requests) please complete the Insurance Company Agreement found on the Requisition Forms Page as in Step 1, above.  The Agreement form must be signed by the insurer or their  agent.   Note: WSIB, Veteran's Affairs, and Militrary requests do not require Agreement form.    Please ensure the patient's claim number appears on the requisition.

    How to Book a Test

    Fax the completed  forms to 905 765 7099 / toll free 1 866 307 1247

    How to Book a Test

  • The physician’s office and/or the referring agency will be notified of the appointment date and time. If you wish to confirm an appointment, or have a question, please call : 1 866 899 4674

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  • Questions? Call: 1 866 899 4674