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  • mriappointments - pdf Better Answers for Head Injury: MRI and SPECT - Structure meets Function
    A combination of new technology and incredible dedication from the staff in the Diagnostic Imaging department at Southlake Regional Heal th Centre in Newmarket provides answers to patients with traumatic brain injury . . .

  • mriappointments - pdf White Matter Tract Injury Diagnosis with Diffusion Tensor Imaging
    There is much in the media these days about concussions and other forms of traumatic brain injury. Googling the term, “Brain Injury” brings up cornucopia articles dealing with management, treatment, symptoms and other related items. The list seems endless. . . .

  • mriappointments - pdf Top 10 Ways to Deal with MRI Anxiety
    For patients the thought of having an MRI is a nail-biting and anxiety provoking experience. All new MRI installations are now designed with patient comfort in mind, and that includes dealing with what has come to be known as claustrophobic anxiety. If you or someone you want to help is having an MRI, here are some excellent ideas.

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