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Beyond MRI : Services from EMG to MRI and CT

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    Multi-slice CT Scanner - Trillium Health Partners

    ♦ EMG
    ♦ EEG
    ♦ CT and Cardiac CT
    ♦ Nuclear Medicine
    ♦ MIBI
    ♦ Ultrasound
    ♦ X-Ray

    Head Injury
    Disability Evaluation
    Insurance Medicals
    Occupational Health
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    CT SPECT, Nuclear Medicine - Credit Valley

    Nuclear medicine is a gem in the field of diagnostic imaging. While other modalities such as X-ray, MRI, CT and ultrasound look for structural problems, nuclear medicine examines function.

    Functional changes often proceed to structural changes; nuclear medicine is able to see abnormalities long before some medical problems are apparent.